Where Will You Be?

I’ve become aware of the effect of atmosphere on my work ethic.

I used to be a believer in the philosophy of having all of my tools in arm’s reach at all times, but I found that most of them I only used a few times a month and if I didn’t put them back where they were supposed to go, it was on the deadly MISC pile. That just generated clutter and before long, it was totally out of control.

So I put everything away.

Now I have to actually get up and walk across the room to get my watercolor palette, but I know exactly where it is because there isn’t a heap for me to lay it on in a fit of laziness. This setup has encouraged a self-discipline that branches out into everything I do. It seems like lazy self-help advice as I write, but this is legit changing my life.

I realize that the timing of this coincides with Marie Kondo’s new Netflix series on tidying and she certainly had an influence on me thinking to go in this direction. (I read “The Japanese Art of Tidying” in 2016) The primary driving force to my de-cluttering campaign, though, were my thoughts on how environment affected my emotional state. De-cluttering has, without a doubt, improved my motivation to work and arguably the quality of my work.

I guess the biggest signs that I needed to pay attention to this came to me at different times where I’m visiting great locations. Places with a great vibe or an energizing atmosphere. I realized that I may be able to replicate these locations in my personal workspace and bring some of that energy with me, available to tap into whenever I need it.

This is from a journal I wrote on November 20th last year where, in a fit of emotional fervor, refer to this energy as “THE GOLDEN INSPIRATION”:

“Today I have things before me, and fresh inspiration in the form of memories and experience. I have seen wildly impressive artwork and been in places conducive to thought and concentration, orderly & peaceful. But I know that this inspiration will not last, at least on its own. This fire is so moving, I can’t fail when it’s on my side!

I have to replicate it in my place of work. How?”

I then go on to list the first ideas that come to me, inappropriate capitalizations included:


-sound/music that engages focus

-free of needless clutter

-free of distractions

-Mental & Physical health


-have inspirational material on hand, Art or other

-Maintain organization

-Maintain discipline!


This stuff that I took home with me that day, that inspiration to turn my workspace into a place that made me want to be better, I think it really has affected my work.

I recommend this! Everyone who is having trouble working, focusing, no matter what the nature of the thing is, crafting and tuning the perfect environment is an overlooked paramount to achieving advantage.

It helped me out, at least.

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