About Rob


Rob Cannon is an illustrative artist, born in Sacramento, California in 1989. He has an associate's degree in Art from American River College, which proudly hangs upside-down in his studio, to remind him of how useful it has been.

To date he has produced artwork for 12 comics, lettered and edited many more, and has no plans of stopping.


My specialty is in Watercolor, inks and digital coloring, but I'm constantly expanding my field of knowledge to produce the most diverse body of work possible. 

I seek new and unique ways to execute every project, and take great pride in the fact that I've never used the same series of techniques on more than one.

Hire or Collaborate

I bring a passion for creativity and the sincere desire to bring your vision to life. 

Consultations are free and first hours of work are affordable, so if you think my artistry will bring an edge to your project, get in touch!

"I see if I can make human beings look like reptiles."

Ralph Steadman

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