What’s the Point of This Again?

Being that my creative effort is what I consider to be my most valuable output, I guess it’s just the natural state that I fall into worry about the quality, length, consistency of this blog posting. 

This blog is supposed to help me work, and it dares level stress upon me - unconscionable! 

Today I remind myself of the purpose of these writing and that it need be no certain length nor capture some genius, just that I record my thoughts and thinkings, day to day, hoping that one or two readers will get something out of it. Maybe there’s something in your life that you’re stressing about that, really, should be working for you. It can help to disconnect, step back from the short plan and look at the landscape from a distance. If you’re frustrated or confused, maybe that perspective can help you get back on The Path. By hell, that’s what I just did, feels good!

That’s all, Got Em.


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