Wake from that Months-Long Nap

After a long sleep due to inaudacious dawdling, I’ve decided to bring this pup back to life for a daily roust. I will keep this up for 30 days consecutive. If I find that it’s been useful or that the public enjoys reading it, I’ll keep it up for another 30 days. If it keeps up, I have no choice but to Blog daily and Never-Ending.

First, a progress update:

I’m out of big projects at the moment. the Big Three I’m currently assigned to are in either a transition phase or temporary hiatus. This gives me time to refocus on old personal projects, one of which is a Kurosawa-styled Samurai drama that I’ve been confident and procrastinating on since say 2012. Now I am rewriting the script. More on that another day.

Books are a gift; a tremendous bargain. Paraphrasing Seth Godin (full disclosure: is the reason I’m starting this blog again) for $15 - $25 you can buy a distilled collection of someone’s thoughts and ideas that could change your life. That’s paraphrasing.

I also find books to be an incredible exercise in mental jump rope just because of how long you can stay in a book and, even when not reading it, be in that book’s headspace. I like to take my time with big, atmospheric books like Dune or House of Leaves for this reason. For obvious reasons, those books may take longer to read, anyways.

Thanks for that, I can’t wait to see what comes spilling out of my wiggling fingertips tomorrow.


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