The First Offensive

Last night was the first try out of a live Condrey 2 Condrey Season 2! (This is a podcast that my pals Joe & Willie Condrey do together, check it out here:

Today is the first day I looked at my computer and said, “ah Hell, I godda do my blog still!”

Immediatly after that, I think Don’t get salty you little guy, You’re doing this for you. Dears, if you’re reading this there is certainly love for you in my heart that you would be so interested, but my purpose for writing this blog is totally selfish. Yes, I did write a blog very similar to this just a few days ago!

The knowledge is often fleeting, I have to remind myself of this stuff so I remember what the point is, what the goal is, why I force myself to keep it up after all. The practice is a good habit that ever-so-slightly tempers self-discipline, a tool that is good to have in 100% of all situations. 

That’s it for today but I think I want to consider the dynamic of discipline and motivation that I recently realized (with help).

Go check out that podcast.


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