I was delighted yesterday to find that my good friends Joe and Willie Condrey have their podcast Condrey 2 Condrey (a show that I’m also now a producer of) available on Spotify! At long last, the audio-only frontier has been reached.

It’s cool looking back and listening to the first few shows, they sound like crap ‘cause I think we were using an onboard mic, it sounds like it was recorded in a public bathroom. It’s even worse to look at the videos, the studio set up is a farce!  But it’s all a record of the journey taken; we’re far from where we want to end up now, about 1.5 years later, but the progress made on all fronts has been significant.

Having these old markers of the past can be more enlightening than it might seem on the surface. You may not remember looking so different back then, or you’ll hear certain comments or catch phrases and suddenly be reminded of a certain era in your thought. I think it’s a pretty introspective exercise and it gives you a measure of growth over the years that most people are likely to miss. ‘Swhy I keep a tape recorder on me and do crazy things like keep this blog around.


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