Natural Intelligence/Advanced Intelligence

I made up Advanced Intelligence, I don’t know if that’s the term for the concept I’m talking about but it’s an intuitive descriptor. 

Here’s natural intelligence: navigation, doing math in your head, retaining knowledge, skills grown from repetition.

Advanced intelligence: using technology, familiarity with artificial programs, being accustomed to using fine-motorskill devices like keyboards, machines, etc…

I guess I would define the two as being things you learn through observing the world vs. things you learn by using technology. There’s a compelling argument to be made that natural intelligence is outdated. Now that we all carry calculators/encyclopedias of all human knowledge in our pockets, why should I have to be able to do mental calculations? An appropriate response is to liken it to another compelling argument: If all information is available on youtube, why should I have to know how to read?

I guess the point is that if we replace our natural intelligence with advanced or tech-based intelligence, then we’re totally defenseless without technology. Without natural intelligence we lose our independence. On the other hand, it’s critical to embrace facets of technology and understand how it works so we avoid getting left behind. Interesting! A big difference between these two concepts is that natural intelligence always maintains its fundaments but Advanced intelligence is based around things that always change. As old tech is outdated, so is knowledge about it.

From all this, I conclude that I want to maintain and grow Natural intelligence yet, while staying abreast of Advanced intelligence on its very outset. It doesn’t help me to learn HTML when there are a jungle of available resources that do the HTML for me.

Just as long as there are still people who come along that want to learn how this stuff really works, because if they don’t, then we end up with magic.


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