Motivation V Discipline

I’m going to run out of objects to take pretentions photos of soon, I might have to actually leave my house

What comes to mind alongside the word Motivation? A sudden rush of energy, a state of euphoria that leads to productivity or success. It’s that feeling you feel when doing hard things feels good.

The deep dark knowledge you might choose to ignore is that motivation always fades, and if nothing else is driving you, then the production and success and Good Times slow to an idle putt. I’ve struggled with this a lot as a creator/self-employed adult, that feeling of having the fire, and then it runs out before you’re done with it. You swine, I wasn’t finished with you!!

That’s where the D-word comes in. Oh yes. When motivation shuns you and you just don’t feel like making it happen, discipline may be your only handhold. With a disciplined habit, your work gets done whether you feel like it or not. I always put off doing my homework, I wish I’d learned this information earlier in life.

In short, Motivation feels great, but you can’t count on it. It’s like the weather, or something a force of Nature. Discipline can be called upon at any time. That won’t make it fun, but by god it will get done. By god I’m a rapper.


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