What do we think, titles on pictures, or nah?

I missed another one! It was a pretty busy day. It’s really hard to immerse yourself and forget that you’re watching a movie when the movie is about movies being made. It’s a little frustrating, but if you think about it, this actually has a pretty interesting meta-effect.

Start with the idea that the movie is now influencing what you are thinking about; now you may be thinking critically about how the movie is made. Can this be used to the advantage of the movie? Somehow getting the audience to ask themselves questions or activate some introspective meditation? It seems like a stretch, but I have to reach for it, otherwise I just can’t watch movies about movies and not be distracted by this nagging reminder that It’s All Fake.

I guess anything that keeps your brain active can be positive, keep your Natural Intelligence up by solving problems internally. This corner of the issue is just one of the many factors that make me love storytelling media.


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