Low-Value Hesitation

I guess that even if I’m not 100% sure that I’m doing high-value or high-yield work, it’s better than not doing anything. I’m of the opinion that I work in a bizarre industry that I lack the capability to predict and mere motion can put me into a position to latch onto opportunity when it passes by, it’s happened before…

But hell, I’m back on the jobs anyways! 

A weird thing happened yesterday afternoon: reading Dune, Paul’s mother hesitates at one moment. It says that word in the book at the beginning of a sentence, “Hesitating.” My brain, for a number of reasons, registered it as a proper noun. In a book frequented by names like “Thufir Hawat”, “Kwistaz Haderach”, “Hassimir Fenreig”, I guess my brain thought it was logical to see this First-Letter-Capitalized word as “Hessitah-ting” and I read the paragraph and just went “that made no sense at all, and who is-”

Well, whatever that means, I was probably just tired. Getting a lot done today, makes feel good.


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