It’s a Music Band

A little over a year isn’t bad, right? I bet almost nobody reads these, but I was just looking
through them and was a little shocked at how much I enjoyed having this record
of my thoughts, the important lessons learned that I recorded, and I reflected
on the positive impact that this sort of thing has made for me in the past.

Maybe it’s self indulgent but you know, I’m thinking I’m
gonna start doing the dailies again. Actually the self indulgent part is that I’m
going to be posting them, not that I’m writing them. But I see a few likes here
and there, oh I do! Typos and disorganized, flow of consciousness thought and

It’s not a work blog, it’s not a personal thoughts journal,
it’s a everything thing where I write stuff. It’s like BBNG isn’t JAZZ,
oh no, don’t go saying that, no. They’re a music band. That’s on the
back of a record, I thought it was a funny thing to put on a record but also
not wrong.

So. Tune in tomorrow for some of this and that, if you want.

Haha, Fubrak.

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