It First Opens its Eyes

For a very long time, I questioned the use of a blog. I guess that’s because I couldn’t possibly imagine what anyone would get out of what I have to say. I’m also trapped in a perpetual state of humility, which assigns me to the role of learner, and never the teacher.

I realize the flaw in this thinking. Of course, it’s an excellent practice to be humble and pay attention to those around you. However, like everything else in our stuck up reality, there is a balance to this. While I spend my days seeking information and advice, it also benefits to lay out my learnings and experience. I can’t guarantee any vast wealth of wisdom for you! I do promise that I will intake, digest, and here deposit: reflections of the world around me, my experiences in it, wisdom heard from others, and more. These musings will hereby relate to artwork, storytelling, and business.  I will limit the use of lists and contentious punctuation styles.

Information that I already have does not uphold the glittery phantasm that it had when I first learned it. It feels like it’s good to have that information, but my intellectual ground-level has gone up, so it’s no longer special. Fool! Some of the learning that I now take for granted just may still yield that sparkly glow for others. It’s only fair that I share all I can if it’s even possible that other learners can take that experience from it. 

Full disclosure, this long-form experiment in thought and recording is more for my own benefit than the readers. Oh, what a therapy writing down your thoughts is! I imagine that, by publishing these humble words, I am exposing the great teeming masses to knowledge and philosophies that have helped me to no small degree. Perhaps by keeping tabs on this quiet publication, you too may find yourself the proud owner of some unexpected knowledge. 

God Forbid: if ever you should want my opinion on something, reach out and drop me a line, why not? If I have something to say on the topic, you won’t be able to stop me from talking about it right here. That’s the animal beauty of such a freeform stage.

I’ll leave you alone now. Expect ramblings like this to show up twice a week.

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