Inactive and The Big Sleep

Man, I love A Horse with No Name, not that it’s energizing or hyper-revolutionary, it just puts in a mindset of going forward. Press on, continue that journey. Go through that Desert.

Sometimes it really helps, as the journey is never over. That’s a theme I think you’ll read about more than once if you stick with me. It’s that you never, like, make it. Forever, at least. Who has it made? Maybe a few hundred billionaires and nomad shepards, they just get up in the morning and go, “shit, here comes another perfect day”. But for most of us, life just keeps rolling struggles our way. That’s great though, for the most part.

I think that’s what drives your typical 9-5er retiree into an early grave. If one has spent their whole life being motivated by an outside entity and all of a sudden that structure disappears, a lot of people just plant in front of the TV and drift off into The Big Sleep.

I have no interest in disparaging these individuals, my point is rather that once you’re done with one journey, you have to start another one! Human beings are not meant to sit around and non-achieve. When I look forward to a day off with plans to just leisurize and that day comes around, halfway through it I get lethargic and the world loses its color. It’s freakin depressing, man.

The lifestyle structures of the 20th century are corroding. It’s no longer common or granted that a young adult will come out of college and into a standard 40/week job and retire at 65. That on top of the escalating mean lifespan in the first world means that we’re really going to have to find things to do with ourselves, later on in life.

Thank the jesus I spend most of my time on pointless hobbies already.


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