Goob Times Grump Times

Isn’t that just what would happen? Countywide, indefinite
power outage the day after I announce that the thing is starting again. The
elements conspire against me! So, I postponed it all for a week. To make matters worse, this particular blog has nothing of substance to say.

My wife got me a super awesome board game for me called
BETRAYAL AT HOUSE ON THE HILL. In simple terms, it’s kinda like a cross between
HeroQuest and Clue. That’s really dumbing it down.

After being in a few in depth RPG’s lately, I really forgot
how much I missed just getting into a moderate adventure that I don’t feel at
all compelled to take seriously, I’m not even much for remembering complex
rules and all that anyways, so I don’t really miss any of that stuff. It’s fun
to go all in with a casual game!

For those interested in learning more, please see this
Amazon review written with care by Julie C:

Evil Misrepresented! This is a Satanic game. DO NOT BUY!!!

The title really spells the whole thing out. Beats me what Christian fundamentalists are doing buying
games about exploring haunted houses, but the amusement provided by their
mincing reviews convinced my dear sweet spouse to pick this up for me.

So thanks, Amazon Customer and others.

Sorry this isn’t very deep or interesting, I’m pretty brain exhausted these days with all the stressful shit happening. But yae, The Show
must go on. Plus I said I was starting this blog again, and I do what I say I’m
going to do. Darn it.


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