GLAXIAL Traffic Stop

The wind has turned cold in Sacramento, California… The time for Glaxial’s destiny has come.

Only like 3 weeks left until the artwork is 100% complete! I believe I mentioned last week that I’m getting married on the 5th, so that kinda ties things up this week.

However, I’m back on the regular schedule come Monday, and the storm will hit harder than ever. Four Pages next week, four pages the week after that, final fixes and art-to-panel formatting the week after that.

I did come up with time to do a page this week, and will hopefully have fenagled my tech to show off a little time-lapse video of the inking process of a few panels. Everything is all tangled up this week, sweet jesus.

It’s been a hell of a lot of fun putting this thing together, I know I’ll miss working on it when it’s done. I’m also crazy looking forward to what comes next! Hope everyone has a great week, and there will certainly be some more interesting stuff going on next time…

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