GLAXIAL Speedy Crash

Today’s the day, ladies and gentlemen. Today is the day before I’m done with the first draft of all GLAXIAL pages’ artwork! That’s right, this week, all of the pages are officially in the oven for realsies.

I estimate that there will be two weeks of cleanup. Kevin and I have already discussed some of the potential changes and fixes that need to be made, so I’m confident that we’re going to be on the dot for our end-of-the-month deadline.

Got something new for you today, a speed-draw vid!

Obviously my editing proficiency is outdated and my Big Dumb Head gets in the way of the focus for a few seconds and steals the focus, but altogether it gets the point across. Also, I don’t have access to an RF music library yet; Gee, you’ve gotta start somewhere.

Anyways, I’m drowning in flats at the moment, so I’d like to get back to that and leave you all with these parting words: HALLELUJIAH, PRAISE THE GENTLE BABY JAYSUS IT’S ALMOST OVER

<3 Rob

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