GLAXIAL Sandwich Time

Good day. What happened in between last time and this time? The days are bleeding together as the process continues! As planned, four pages were completed last week, four more are inked, based out and currently being colored this week. Tomorrow, the pages will have backgrounds and be shaded, the day after, they will be fully finished. All in time for a ridiculous weekend full of side hustlin’ and family greetin’! 

Full disclosure, I am getting married one week from Saturday and the amount of pressure mounting is impressive! I find that the best way to push past it is to do just that: Prioritize and Execute, with some planning in there somewhere. 

I link to think of my goals in terms of sandwiches. 

Take on a project = Determine the nature of target Sandwich

Plan procedure = Gather ingredients for Sandwich

Execute plan step by step = Eat Sandwich in bites of reasonable sizes

Regard the executed project with pride = Think back on how good that Sandwich was and how you would like to eat another one in the future

You don’t know the nature of each sandwich until after it’s eaten. For instance, by now I know that a page of Glaxial: Freak or God is a spicy chicken panini with minced garlic, pickled banana peppers, well done bacon, and a shredded pepper jack/mozzarella blend with a savory garlic aoli spread. It takes more than average preparation and execution, but the resolution is thick and hearty. A Logo design is more like a personalized slider: Every one has different flavor profile with a different bun and such subtly distinguishing seasoning that no two are ever the same. It takes more prep and consultation than average, but altogether a satisfying morsel that isn’t easily forgotten.

Right now I’m halfway through one of those paninis though, and it’s feeling like home. I’ll switch soon enough and that’s an exciting thing to anticipate, but I know deep down I’ll always have a soft spot for this fifty-something page venture.

Back to work!


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