GLAXIAL Rush Operations Part 1

Good Day to all! It seems my blog has once again been repurposed, but that’s ok! It’s still finding itself. Chances are, if you’re here, you want to read about GLAXIAL: Freak or God. Let’s begin.

A call on Monday the 9th of September with my partner in hijinks Kevin Roditeli left me with one question. How can I produce 16 additional pages of this labor intensive book before November?

To be clear, it was I who committed to the deadline, and lo, I as well developed this ridiculous procedure that I use to create the pages of GLAXIAL: Freak or God. I doom myself to this icy fate! 

The additional pages make a lot of sense to me. In the original vision, this issue was intended to hook readers into an ongoing series, ending on a cliffhanger. Now, for a number of reasons, that vision has morphed. We both now agree that a book totally stuffed with story pages is the way to go. Even if it means locking myself in a tomb for the next six weeks!

Production, in the past, ahs been relegated to a two-page/week timeline. This was acceptable timeline for both me and the party receiving artwork. Obviously, now that won’t work. Hah! 

I’ve found a great solution, and scorn myself for not sooner devising it. Instead of producing one page at a time, step-by step, I produce Multiple Pages Simultaneously. This is a power move in this situation, because it doubles my production time. I haven’t done the math. This week I’m past the halfway mark on the first four add-in pages, so I guess you could call me 1/8th done with my job before the book is considered complete.

What have I done this week? So glad you asked! I did the pencils and inks on Monday, blocked out the watercolor backgrounds yesterday, and today, you guessed it, in on the digitals. I’ve got the base layers done on two pages and the rest blocked out on the other two… Long story short, I’m on track to be done with these bastards well before Halloween, and then it’s onto the ongoing that’s going to launch next year.

Oh yeah! That’s a whole other thing and it’s on Patreon, check it out here dudes:

It ain’t active yet, like I said, January 2020 it’s kicking off full speed for monthly releases!

So stay tuned fellow freaks, while the blizzard keeps on and keeps on…


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