GLAXIAL Redos and Redudes

Well, I think I missed a week and while I do have SEVERAL reasons, I suspect that none will be satisfying to my patient waiting friends. I hope that I can at least begin to make it up to you with an explanation of my now-onto-the-next-thing strategy and a neat time-lapse video of a watercolor sketch of Treneska, one of Grichna’s Darling Murderers from the opening of the ongoing series:

I even managed to squeeze in some royalty free lo-fi beats for your listening pleasure. And surprise, I’m still awful at editing. One thing at a time, I say

The time has come for art fixes. And I’m talking about everything: Stuff that was miscommunicated, stuff that has been added, stuff that needs to be fixed because of other stuff that was fixed - Like ALL of it. I have around 30 marked objectives ranging from the under-5-minutes range all the way up to I’ve-never-done-this-before-how-and-when-will-it-end range. I imagine it will be all complete in the first week of november, BUT, I am focused on finishing the first half so you all will get yourselves a real taste of Glaxial: Freak or God by the end of November.

That’s that fellers and gals, stay tuned next time for an extra-special update on What’s Cracking.


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