FUBRAK Transition

This here represents the first ever and official transition to the official FUBRAK Behind the Scenes DVD Featurette otherwise referred to as the production blog. Little will change in form from the old blog format, but now it will cover all work that I work on under the roof of FUBRAK.

There’s a lot going on these days, but heaven’s sake I will only burden you with information regarding ONE new project, and that is the authorized collaboration with the development team behind the highly anticipated multiplatform video game called UNDUNGEON.

Check it out here and become awestruck at the infinitum of detail they’ve put into their realities here:


I’m working on a comic miniseries about the Nomads, dry turtley dudes that live in a desert and get into all sorts of psychedelic mischief, I relate to them on many levels. 

My script has it at 60 pages and I’m working on a system that will net me 1 page per day of Watercolored backgrounds and digitally flatted inks, so far so good. Today I’m on Page 2 so you can say I haven’t been at it for very long, but we’ll see how it all shakes out this time next week. If not 1/day, then at slowest 3/week, and a pilot launch to be started in the summer on a digital platform. That is in fact the plan so far! 

I’m excited to be working with this dev team, they seem very into the job and have put a tremendous amount of work into the general bringing of their world to life. I’m also excited to show you the work I’ve been working on when it’s completed and ready to ship out! You better believe it’ll be coming down before you know it and all this mysterious shadefooting will seem a distant memory.

I also have dusted off a bellows which allows me to take uncomfortably intimate pictures of everything, like art supplies and tiny spiders. View examples below if you want to


Until next week, psychonauts!


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