FUBRAK and the other things going on

Things are good, things are moving right along. There’s a
lot hanging from the ceiling at the moment, which isn’t my favorite position to
be in, but that’s how the world arranges itself and so be it. My “Investment Style”
long play projects are locked in a steely sparring match with my “Get Paid Soon”
projects, always a terrific strategic battlefield.

Have you ever played Hnaftafl

Look at this, my most favorite personal project at the
moment: Carl Bastard

I’ve talked about this guy some in the past. This guy is
something of a cross between a wise guy mobster and a southern shootist and the
IP all centers around him getting into adventure that feature high-style Gun-Shootin’
action! Complete with all characters having weird animal heads. Planning the
first big action sequence in Ep. 2 has proven to be a pretty fancy job, I am
currently in the middle of planning and writing step notes for the whole thing
using this large map on a magnetic board.

It’s important, nay- critical to me to make sure these
setpieces make sense, so I’m keeping track of all the Bad Guyses movements,
weapons, moods and motivations (Kill Carl Bastard). With some good establishing
panels to give readers a clear view of the stage, it should be a doggone wild yet
intelligible bad guy shoot a thon!

But that isn’t paying the bills right now, so I’m also doing
this other thing:

Yes, the terrific Undungeon’s Shaman story is nearly at 10
pages now, plans to have the first episode done by the end of next week. Not
much new to report here, except the shaman Tarak’s vision quest is getting
pretty gnarly and Gonzo if I do say so myself. Can’t wait to show you how it
all shapes up!

I’ve also taken pre-microscopic pictures of my thumb and filtered is to look like snakeskin for my summer desktop backgrounds. I’m not going to share these pictures because they’re real real gross.

For that is with all there is to do, don’t you see. The
greatest manipulators are those who speak the most and say the least. Idiots.

Love and Health to you all, until next week.


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