FUBRAK and the happenings without

It’s been one exciting heartsmash of a week so far, hasn’t
it? And if it wasn’t for the noise outside I don’t think I’d have such an easy
time with my bearings. No, the beasts pile up and I do thwack them down.

This week I will be finished with Episode 1 of the Undungeon
short I’m doing, getting the Lemons out for some fresh commission work up and
coming (still have to eat sometimes), general tomfoolery abound.

It appears that the secondary artwork for the God Realm of
Freak Snow’s graphic novel extravaganza which many of you have been waiting for
will all be finished soon, so expect a couple of weeks taken on lettering and
that will be the end of that. Digital copies will be out shortly after.

Since very little I’m working on is not either
underdeveloped or under NDA, the psychonaut Tarak shall now experience the
stages of dying as the prophetic Aceyalone has described:

Death, Dying, Dead

Be well and good, my beautiful people.


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