FUBRAK and the Future of Turtles

Greetings Freaks, Morons, Shatterbrains, Assorted
Misanthropes, and Hulking Charismatic Gorillas. Today I present to you much of
the same.

Having achieved an understanding of the Undungeon production
technique, I’ve started experimenting upon techniques within the set parameters
of this exotic location. Settled on the normalcy of watercolor painted
backgrounds with inkdrawn, digitally filled subjects. It is a process that has
rewarded me in the past. I believe that I’ve streamlined the process a hair by
drawing and painting the pages at size, rather than 2x or 3x as I was before.
It speeds up production and this is destined primarily for web platforms, so it
is an interesting beast in that manner. Most importantly, it is visually distinct
from past uses of this technique. The psychonautic turtly guys seem to live
well in their world of watercolors and digital flats. I take it back, THAT is the
‘most importantly’.

What else?

I happen to be an uncontrollable board-game-designer-and-not-finisher,
which is a trait that I may be able to put to very good use in the nearish
future. FUBRAK seems to be on the path of developing and marketing board games,
which is a terrific change of pace in my book. I must now steel myself for the
incoming task of actually finishing a board game. No small task!

The greatest fact of this all is that I have a wealth of
mostly developed concepts to pick through if some skin needing a skeleton comes
along for me. I am now in the process of flipping through the old game banks of
days gone by, and jeezez I’m realizing the unhealth of this hobby.

Ah! But I’ve built my career upon unhealthy hobbies! So take
that, mean and straightjacketed normalcy. We in this defeated culture of Having
Jobs have turned our antisocial crimes into wealthmaking treadmills of mirth.

Back into the tunnels with me. Until next:


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