FreakSnow: GOOD TO GO

It’s a Transdermal Celebration as I wrap up the artwork for this book, for good, TODAY. I have a few little snips and snaps to add on to previous pages,  that will take <2hours. And so it is with a light heart that I wave my lacy handkerchief to Prince of Glaxial as it ascends the steps up to the castle of Sitting on my Shelf Until the Other Artwork Arrives, where he will wait and watch and when the time comes I will spend 2 weeks lettering these sixty something pages.

This has been a heck of a process, but my soul will be lifted to the heavens when we finally bestow this long awaited journey to you, our beautiful backers. It’s been a long evolving fish, gone from a trilobite to a howler monkey to a six legged crocodile and I’ll shed a tear of graciousness when we move forward. The time has come to move on to the next step, and You’ll be there when we finally release this lumbering weirdness!

Peace, Freaks


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