Death for Hire Pizza

Woah, is there ever more going on this week!!

Got three pages cooking up this week, slated for Saturday completion, at latest.

The tricky thing for this one is the environment design and development that went into it. Most of Glaxial is a frozen wasteland, a beautiful, simple landscape of ice, snow and the occasional pile of discarded offal. When people and their civilizations get involved, however, shit gets complicated, quick! 

This latest settlement is a very interesting concept that Kevin invented and I have named the “Death for Hire Pizza” in reference to its 8-slice nature. This is the place where folks with a mission in mind go to find their dirty-doer, a bad bastard with the unscruples to spill guts with no quarter asked and none given.

As seen in the WHASS Pizza structure page, these generous soldiers of fortune live in a community of properties with their own unique domiciles (To the chagrin of many a prospective employer, Hygg Jarrsula is not looking for work). The murdering sonnovaguns can turn down or take any job they wish, and the market’s pretty good!

Between all that and painting new environments altogether, it’s a smidge more work than usual! But seeing it all come together is an incredible experience, loving every second of it, really.

With this, I’m down to a pretty low number of page arts to finish. It’s 4 after this week, and will be 0 after that. There are some fixes and changes that need to be made to wrap it up, which will not take more than two weeks, guaranteed.

In the major homestretch, folks! Be Excellent to eachother.


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